Roll out the red carpet for this majestic brilliance, our ever so Awesome Afters range. Thick, rich, creamy splendidness that will have you hooked from the first taste. Indulgent, extraordinary flavors resonate in your mouth.

Make sure to pick up two bottles you’ll regret it if you run out!

Available in 50ml & 100ml

A combination of strawberry cheesecake with an underlying tone of biscuit base makes this flavour resonate in the mouth when vaped. A true delight for all dessert lovers!!

A thick rich creamy custard with an overtone of rhubarb makes this flavour for the masses. Make sure to pick up two bottles, you’ll regret it if you run out!!

A tangy yet mellow citrus sits on top of a fluffy tart in a perfectly blended combination. If lemon tart is your thing, then we promise this will not disappoint!

“Can you send me this in litres so I can bathe in it?”
Sophia – Leeds

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