Yummy Fruits

Hello Summer

Five exceptional fruit flavors mixed to perfection for a great all day vape. Experience the chill with our ICED option, quenching the mouth on those hot summer days. These juicy favorites are guaranteed to have you coming back for more!

Sherbet Slam

Feel the Fizz

These four fizzy favorites designed to make your taste buds explode. Bold flavors with a perfect zesty finish that will grab a hold of your tongue and never let go… A vape reminiscent of childhood memories, a fizzy flavor overload!

Awesome Afters

Dessert Royalty

Roll out the red carpet for this majestic brilliance, our ever so Awesome Afters range. Thick, rich, creamy splendidness that will have you hooked from the first taste. Indulgent, extraordinary flavors resonate in your mouth. Make sure to pick up two bottles you’ll regret it if you run out!


Acclaimed By Vapers

This peerless trio are an unrivalled legacy of all-time classic flavours in the E-liquid world. Prepare to have your mind blown with these bold and exquisite tastes for the masses, a must have for every Vaper!